Pre-Fabricated Temporary Facilities

We specialise in the Design and Build of Temporary Site Offices, Worker Dormitories, Hoarding and Noise Barriers.

Temporary Site Offices

Our Temporary Site Offices are designed to ensure cost effectiveness and efficient building. Our Temporary Site Offices can come fully equipped with all necessary internal fittings and furniture. Our aim is to provide our clients with a one stop solution for their Temporary Site Office needs.

Container Alternatives

We also provide Container alternatives for our clients Temporary Site Office needs. Whether it is a Temporary Site Office or Temporary Toilet/Shower location. Our Container styled Temporary Site Offices are able to fulfil the needs of clients looking for a quick and cost-efficient fix.

Temporary Worker Dormitories

Our experience in Pre-Fabricated Temporary Facilities and Temporary Site Offices expands to the Worker Dormitories as well. We are able to design and build Temporary Worker Dormitories or Permanent Worker Dormitories dependent on the on-site need of the client. As the applications and requirements between the Temporary Worker Dormitory and Permanent Worker Dormitory are different. With the Covid-19 situation, many of our clients were suddenly required to build Temporary Worker Dormitories. We are glad that we have the experience and expertise to guide and assist our clients to completion.

Temporary Hoarding and Noise Barriers

To complete our all-round support to our clients for their Pre-Fabricated Temporary Facilities needs, we design, supply and build Temporary Hoardings and Noise Barriers. As each project location is unique, there are many challenges that may be faced. We aim to resolve these issues with well planned and effectively built Temporary Hoardings and Noise Barriers.

We provide innovative and well-designed Temporary Hoardings and Noise Barriers. Most notably our Noise Barrier in the T216 Project along Stevens Road that won the Innovative Noise Management Award by LTA.

Skilled Foreign Labour

As part of our aim to provide a one stop solution to our clients, we provide Skilled Foreign Labour to assist our clients with their scaling labour requirements. We provide various types of Skilled Foreign Labour. General Workers, Welders, Lifting crew and various types of Supervisors. We ensure to provide experienced and skilled workers in our Skilled Foreign Labour Supply.

We also provide Tower Crane Operators to further assist our clients. As the skill and experience of a Tower Crane Operator is very crucial. We handpick and select our Tower Crane Operators. This is to ensure that our clients receive the best Tower Crane Operator suited for the job.

Dormitory Operation

As an extension of our Pre-Fabricated Temporary Facilities and Skilled Foreign Labour, we provide our clients with further assistance through our Dormitory Operations. We have years of experience in managing dormitories. With our team of experienced Dormitory Managers and Security team, we ensure that the needs and concerns of both the client and workers will be addressed.